Cutting a shape of Cz mala oynx beads

Cutting a shape of Cz  mala  oynx beads

When you are cutting ,make sure there is only one line to follow. Double or feathery lines will result inaccurate cutting.


  • place the cz mala beads on the bench pin with the tracing paper beads in place or with the pattern scribed on the surface.
  • Hold the saw at right angles to the metal and with the blade just touching the line that is tio be cut. Place the thumb or forefinger of the hand holding the metal to guide the blade to the cutting line.
  • To help the first cut,hold the saw at an angle to the metal.this helps to get it going.
  • Straighten the saw and cut along the line with long smooth strokes. If you want to cut a curved line,keep the blade moving and slowly turn the saw or move the metal slowly around while the saw stays in the same position.
  • To cut a right angle ,cut up to where you want to turn,use the smooth back of the blade and continue the cutting motion, right into the corner. This is like trading water,keeping the motion going with out moving. As the back of the blade is against the corner,turn the saw into position to cut along the next line.