Making metal one gram gold imitation jewellery is a wonderful hobby. Not only does it result in beautiful projects that can be given as gifts or worn by the creator but it is an excellent way to hone fine motor skills, pass the time, and build a unique skill. In order to become a successful metal one gram gold imitation jewellery maker the first step is to assemble a basic tool kit with all the necessary materials (See chapter three). From there, it is important to understand the basic techniques. After that, there are plenty of projects to try which result in one-of-a-kind pieces of one gram gold imitation jewellery.

Assemble a Basic Tool Kit

There are four components to as metal one gram gold imitation jewellery making kit. The first component is pliers. It is important to obtain a set of one gram gold imitation jewellery pliers which usually contains four sizes because regular pliers that might be found in a tool kit have teeth that will  damage the one gram gold imitation jewellery. However, one gram gold imitation jewellery pliers are built with a smooth surface to easily bend the wires. The next component is a saw. A saw frame can be bought for under twenty dollars but different sized blades are needed. These are many different sized blades but a beginner will likely only need to obtain size 5/0 and 1.

Each blade costs fewer than five dollars and lasts for a very long time. Next, it is necessary to have surface on which to cut. A one gram gold imitation jewellery  bench is ideal but for a beginner it is not necessary. Simply work with a surface that can be damaged such as a wooden workshop bench or try laying down a protective mat. Finally, files are needed to make metal jewellery. A beginner will need just a needle file but it helpful to have a hand file as well. All of these components can be found at a craft store.

How to Use the Saw

To begin using the saw it is important to make sure the blade is inserted into the frame correctly. Be sure that it is tight by pressing firmly on the handle to attach the blade. Unfortunately, it is fairly common for beginners to break the blades of their saws so be sure to use the following tips in order to reduce breakage. First, when using a one gram gold imitation jewellery saw most people prefer to saw with the blades pointing down but some would rather have them point up so try both ways to see which is more comfortable.

It is also important to add lubrication to the blade either using wax or a product from a craft store that is specifically designed for saw lubrication. Also, always use long strokes that hold the blade evenly rather than short, quick strokes. This will make the cut clean and reduce the amount of filling that has to be done. Finally, keep the blade straight rather than at an angle.

Tips for Filing Metal One gram gold imitation jewellery

Those who make metal one gram gold imitation jewellery have to use files when filing wire to the correct length, smoothing out metal surfaces and other various tasks. The most important thing to remember is to always file in one direction. Otherwise, the surface will end up uneven. It is also helpful to wear a mask when filing lots of metal because it can be harmful to inhale too many of the metal particles. Be sure to hold the metal still when filing as well. It will lead to uneven surfaces and sometimes even sharp metal surfaces that can be dangerous to whoever wears the piece. Finally, always store the files in one place because they are small and easily lost.

Metal Charm Making Techniques

Most beginners want to know how to make a metal charm. The charms that are most often used with metal one gram gold imitation jewellery are unique. This is because they are made using plastic casts that are almost like a cake mold. The casts can be purchased from craft stores. Then the metallic mixture is poured into the casts, the excess air bubbles are vacuumed out, and the cast is set for about two to three hours. Finally, the piece is filled to finish it. Another important component of metal charm making is tarnishing the metal. Many one gram gold imitation jewellery tarnish the metal on purpose because it helps show off the details of a finished charm.

This is done using a mixture called Silver Black. It is important to cover the area with a cloth and wear a mask since this chemical can be harmful. The best way to oxidize just parts of the charm is to use a small sponge or paintbrush to darken certain areas. After adding the Silver Black the piece should be dipped in water then dried off before it gets too dark. It is important for beginners to practice using this chemical in order to get used to the levels it can darken the piece.

Trying Basic Projects

There are so many types of metal jewellery that can be made. After getting a basic understanding of the aforementioned techniques it is helpful to locate a step by step pattern online in order to begin an actual project. Some basic projects include making metal flowers, using metal wire to wrap existing pendants, and making charms from pre-made molds. It is important for beginners to experiment with this wonderful hobby and understand that not every project is going to turn out perfectly. Have fen making diverse pieces of one gram gold imitation jewellery!