What sort of reference materials do they require?

What sort of reference materials do they require?

When  some one want to make imitation jewellery , they need some of books for subject.these type

Of books filled with knowledge and will allow them to follow rules on making of imitation jewellery with out making costly mistakes.people will do mistakes with their one gram imitation jewellery than those that use them.

What are the cost for a man making their own adornments?

The cost of making imitation jewellery will totally depend on what type of metals they use and the pieces that they intend to make.smaller pieces  will less than larger pieces . it also depends on what type of stones,gems or crystals that they decide to use in the pieces.since the prices vary,some people wants to making of their own jewellery they have to bargains at craft stores.they should make sure that they visit Visakhapatnam,vijaywada,tirupati,Hyderabad in andhrapradesh.these cities are great way to save on supplies is to trade with other jewellery makers


By what method should a man think about their adornments after they made it?

They always remember that store their jewellery in a clean,dry place.jewellery boxes are very  are good idea for storing  many different jewellery items.for large pieces should store in other boxes separately .they also wrap the imitation jewellery or other cz jewellery keep wrap them for protection. They try to clean it with a damp cloth from time to time.some people like to hang their pieces from hook or by other means in their room or closet.they try to make iteam not disturb from other boxes.


Making jewellery will always enjoy and love to do it. They also can wear their own pieces and selling them too.they will never know who might want to acquire one of their own designs.